Crystal Gardens


Crystal Garden

Braceless small tanks made with high clarity crystal glass.

30M -30x18x24cmH - 5mm
36M -30x22x26cmH, 5mm
45H - 45x24x30cmH, 5mm
45M - 45x30x45cmH, 6mm
60L - 60x30x24cmH, 5mm
60M - 60x30x36cmH, 6mm
60W - 60x45x45cmH, 8mm


Tools Holder

An acrylic clip platform for easy organising of aquarium tools.

Code: TLHD

Cover Hooks


Temperature Check

Jay Thermometers

External hang on thermometers made for various thickness of glass tanks.

Code: JT6 / JT8 / JT10 / JT12