Why Are Your Aquarium Plants Dying

Many believe that if you have an aquarium, you have to put fish in it. But a plant filled aquarium can be a lovely addition to a home, even if it has no fish. Some aquarium owners will choose to buy artificial plants because they’ve had bad luck trying to keep real plants alive. But keeping your plants alive and healthy is not really that difficult if you know what they like and need. Here are some of the main reasons that aquarium plants end up dying or not thriving well.

Failing to provide enough light for your plant. Light is extremely important for a plant. You can provide a plant with buckets of food and nutrients, but if you don’t give it enough light, it won’t last long. Now these days, most of the tanks that you find will come with a light attached to the tank top. Alternatively, it will come with pre-drilled holes that have been setup to allow you to install a light relatively easily. If not, most acrylic tanks will allow you to drill your own holes and set up your own lighting. Of course, another perfectly good alternative is simply to place your aquarium on the south side of your apartment or house, near a window where it will be sure to get plenty of light.

Failure to secure the plant roots. If your plant has been doing well for a while and all of a sudden the leaves begin to turn brown and fall off, it may be a simple matter of the roots having come loose. Roots often come loose in aquariums, especially if you have rowdy fish that love to dig. In this case, simply replant or reposition the plant making sure that the roots are well covered and secure. If the plant is new, however, the browning leaves may simply be the plant adjusting to it’s new home. Most plants experience “environmental shock” when being transplanted from one place to a brand new place. Simply give it time to adjust and it should be fine.

Plant crowding. Plants need room to grow. In a crowded aquarium, you have too many plants fighting for too few resources. Give your plants plenty of room to grow by providing it with a large enough aquarium to accommodate it’s future growth spurts. If it starts to get a bit unwieldy, it also helps to trim it every once in a while to control it’s growth.

The wrong plant in the wrong environment. Plants are living things. And like all living things they do better in some environments than in others. You may have fallen in love with the most perfect, beautiful tropical plant to your eyes. But, if you live in the northern part of Alaska, chances are your plant is not going to survive. Many times the cause of a dying plant can be traced directly back to it not being right for the environment it has been moved to.

Many times the fault lies with the purchasing. Not all animal stores or fish stores are set up to deal with plants. To most of them, plants are just a sideline. One red flag is the number of plants that the store has for sale. If they have just a few types of plants and a rather small stock, odds are that they aren’t very knowledgeable about the types of plants that you may need. If many of the plants that a store has are yellowing or brown, or if the plants seem to be loosely planted and not well cared forHealth Fitness Articles, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. The last thing that you want to do is to introduce a diseased plant into your aquarium.

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Picking The Right Aquarium Type

Aquariums have evolved into a very popular hobby, with about millions of aquarium and tropical fish enthusiasts worldwide.

Starting in the 1850s (when the predecessor of the modern aquarium were first being developed as a novel curiosity) the ranks of aquarium keeping has grown as more sophisticated systems including lighting and filtration systems were developed to keep aquarium fish healthy.

However before you can get started in the hobby you must first buy an aquarium. When you get to the pet store or specialized aquarium store you will have lots of aquarium tanks to choose from:

Metal Framework:

Most of the old style aquariums are made with sheets of glass, which are held in a metal framework. This is usually constructed of pieces of angle iron or stainless steel, which are welded together at the corners. Leakage between the glass and metal is prevented by putty aquarium cement, acrylic or silicon sealant.

Battery Jars:

Fish Globes or Bowls: This type of aquarium is useful for emergency purpose, but is not to be recommended as a permanent features. The glasses are cast in one piece and a crack, however small, may suddenly expand and cause a flood. This not only results in a loss of fishes but also necessitates the buying of a new tank, as it is impossible to repair the old one.

Also, when looking through the walls of this type of aquarium, there is distortion, which adversely affects one’s view of the fishes. Similar disadvantages apply in fish globes or bowls.


With the ever-expanding applications of plastics, it is not surprising that these synthetic that these synthetic products have been used to replace glass for aquarium. Plastics have advantage of being unbreakable, but are soft enough for the surface to become scratched. This is in time will mar transparency.


This glass-like material is available in many different colours and some very pleasing effects can be obtained by applying it to the sides to back up the aquarium. Moreover, being opaque Vitorlite will hide the wall and any unsightly wires or other apparatus behind the aquarium.


Aquarium frameworks with wood are desirable mainly for aesthetic reasons. The wooden framework however will have to be constructed from plywood to prevent warping.

The advantage of the wood lies in the fact that it can be polished, covered with upholstered rugHealth Fitness Articles, stained or coated with colours to harmonize with the furnishing of the room.

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A Fresh Water or a Saltwater Aquarium?

There are endless possibilities when setting up an aquarium in your own home. If you are installing aquarium for the first time, you need to know many tit bits of keeping fish healthy and in a comfortable environment.

For people who are new to domesticating fish, starting with a small tank with less number of fishes is a good idea. This will give them time to understand the needs and will train them in many aspects that need to be taken care of before installing a fish aquarium or constructing a fish pond. For starters, the tank will need a pond pump, lighting, hood to prevent the fish from jumping out, a filter to keep the water clean, water testing kit for PH water levels etc. And when switching to a larger aquarium or a fish pond you will require many aquarium accessories like aquarium pumps, pond filters and pump, pond liners, water fountains, garden fountains and many other pond and aquarium supplies.

Know lets talk about which one to choose-a freshwater aquarium or a saltwater one. Many people choose a freshwater aquarium over a saltwater aquarium without really looking into the benefits and drawbacks of both. In my opinion if you have a good budget to invest on your aquarium needs, then you should definitely look into a saltwater aquarium. While people tend to go the freshwater direction due to the fact that it is a much cheaper alternative, the beauty and variety that having a saltwater aquarium affords you is not easily surpassed.

Moreover in a saltwater aquarium, you have much more variety of tropical fish to choose from. Clownfish, Hawk Fish, Blue Tang and many more varieties can be bred in a saltwater aquarium. The tropical fish are bright, colorful and lively —all of the things that you need in an aquarium to help you feel better about your space and more alive. The fish that you can have in a saltwater aquarium are a great deal more exotic and beautiful than anything a freshwater aquarium could house.

Maintenance is yet another factor that should be considered while choosing a tropical aquarium for your house. If you don’t’ have time to indulge in aquarium maintenanceFree Reprint Articles, having a saltwater aquarium is a bad idea. There are people who tend to go the freshwater direction due to the fact that it is a much cheaper alternative and need less maintenance and cleaning. Whatever type you choose an aquarium definitely adds a touch of your personal character to a home or office environment.

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